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YUSTY 1914

Yusty's history dates back to 1914 when José Yusty Morales, founder of the firm, began his activity as a tailor, settling in an apartment on Campoamor street in Madrid. There he establishes his workshop to be able to serve his clients. In this way, little by little, his name begins to sound in the capital.

His two sons, Germán and José, grow up between fabrics, soaking up the trade since they were little. Over the years they will become part of the business. Years later, Yusty stands out with his participation in the first edition of the Pitti Uomo Fair in 1972, an event for the time.

80's & 90's

At the beginning of the 80s, coinciding with a moment of economic expansion in Spain at the time, Yusty has 5 stores, all of them located in strategic locations.

Its golden moment came in the 90s, when Yusty positioned itself as an elitist firm, then acquiring all the prominence in its Serrano and Ayala stores, which became a meeting place for high society. With the most important brands of the moment in its windows, Yusty has become the reference for men's fashion in Madrid.


At the beginning of the 21st century, a third generation of the family saga, joined the business, led by Daniel and Jose Yusty, respective sons of Germán and José. Strategic closings and new store openings are carried out, this time in two prestigious shopping centers: La Moraleja Green and El Zielo de Pozuelo.

Currently, it combines its in-store sales with those made through the online platform Farfetch, a British international fashion company whose luxury products are stored worldwide, accounting for 30% of the brand's sales. Famous businessmen with great fortunes, aristocrats, the Royal House, most of the Heads of State, international singers, elite athletes, etc. have passed through its stores.


Throughout its history, Yusty has managed to balance its ‘savoir faire’ with the times, adapting at all times to the needs of customers without losing its DNA. The fabrics have been perhaps the ones that have evolved the most, today prevailing the most comfortable and at the same time of the highest quality: wool and cashmeres.

As for the cuts, they have also undergone a clear evolution. Today, customers know exactly what they want and on many occasions, they are the ones who set the trend, always under the expert hand of our master tailor Mario Zafra.


Shop. C / Ayala, 20 Mezzanine · 28001 Madrid. How to get here
Private Parking · C / Ayala 13

Schedule. Mon - Sat 11am - 8pm / Tailoring. 11am - 4pm
Tel. Yusty. 914 35 07 38 / Tel. Canali. 914 35 86 20
E-mail. info@yusty1914.com

Emergency contact: Tel / Whatsapp. 669 462 007
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