3 Trendy Looks to enjoy summer 2021

3 Trendy Looks para disfrutar el verano 2021

3 Trendy Looks to enjoy summer 2021

For more than 100 years , Yusty has dressed elegant and sophisticated men. Our mission is to combine the traditional and the modern to create trends and highlight unique personalities.

You too can make a difference and feel confident with the look you choose. Our clients confirm this, since we have the best selection of international men's fashion brands.

We update our collections every season, so you can keep up to date with the latest trends and create a personal and designer wardrobe.

Just like us, you surely already feel the desire for good weather. The most anticipated season of the year is here! Summer encourages us to look for looks that allow us to feel comfortable and express our style. To help you achieve it, we have carefully planned for you these “3 Trendy looks to enjoy summer 2021”.

1.Urban Casual:

When we talk about casual style, we refer to coincidences. "Urban Casual" allows you to have a date in the modern landscape of Madrid, or whatever your city is. You can be prepared for any occasion.

We know that comfort is what really matters, so we suggest:
The Limitato T-shirt with a printed photograph and the Jacob Cohen Slim Jeans. Limitato launched an amazing collection of t-shirts: ' Limitato Wearable Art'. Made up of high quality t-shirts with photographs of artists printed.
For Limitato: “art awakens our imagination and creativity, feeds our ability to innovate and change. Art makes us ignore differences.” In this collection, "our partners challenge the way art is appreciated by blending worlds of fashion, hospitality and current affairs."
The union of some of the world's most illustrious artists and photographers with Limitato has resulted in "Limitato Wearable Art" where "the love and attention to detail that goes into each piece of our limited edition garments reflects the exceptional caliber of the original work”.
Source: Limited
“The photos are full of strength and dynamism, the objective is to capture an instant in the lives of actors, actresses, athletes and singers. The list is long, but we highlight David Bowie, Raquel Welch, Anthony Quinn, Robert Mitchum, Ursula Andress or Mohamed Ali (formerly Classius Clay).
But they are not always stars, for example, Kiss me by Sara Pope is the representation of some crackling and iconic red lips "
Source: Como

Limitato T-shirt - Madrid - Men's Fashion

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Have you ever wondered why one model of pants suits you better than another when both are the same size? The reason is that there are different cuts and that each one will favor your body to a greater or lesser extent depending on the type of fit.

Slim men's pants are characterized by having a narrow cut that adapts to your body to mark the silhouette. If you try on Jacob Cohen Slim pants, you'll notice that they are fitted around the hips and thighs and will be less tight in the legs.

If you have thin legs, Slim pants are your best option because they will draw attention to them, and any color of your choice will work perfectly. If instead you want to lengthen your low waist, Slim pants will help you create the effect of looking taller as long as they reach your ankles.

jean cohen

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The perfect match for this look are the Common Projects sneakers, Retro Low model.

Common Projects is an Italian-American luxury casual footwear brand. A perfect combination of functionality and design in a shoe designed for the many styles of today. With more than 15 years in the market, this brand is positioned as one of the best in craft quality and current design.

Common Projects

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This leather model, with a round toe, lace-up fastening and a flat rubber sole, will make you feel like you're walking on cotton instead of asphalt.


2. Coffee Break:

The time has come to disconnect, to go for a coffee or a beer with friends. For any plan that involves not talking about work or at least avoiding it, this look is a little more "Urban Chic" than the previous one.

Men's fashion Madrid

At the top we bet on a Moncler polo shirt:

In recent years, Moncler has positioned itself as an icon in the world of fashion. Renowned artists use their garments, which have become a necessity throughout the year. Values ​​such as lightness, quality, elegance and ease of use are the main reasons why Moncler manages to be the number one brand in the market.

In Spain, Yusty 1914 offers the entire catalog of the brand's clothing, which includes sneakers, t-shirts, backpacks, scarves, gloves and of course the famous down jackets (we anticipate you, Moncler's new arrivals will exceed all expectations).

The Moncler Piqué polo shirt with tricolor trim in white, has an ideal finish for this season, additionally, the details on the sleeves will bring freshness and vitality to this: "Coffee Break".

Moncler white polo shirt
To adapt to any type of body, a pair of Jacob Cohen Slim Fit Jeans in beige.

jean cohen

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And why not, the sublime sneakers by Jacob Cohen, in leather with flat rubber soles. Jacob Cohen's shoes combine the elegance of a subtle design with the casual touch provided by its fabrics.

Jacob Cohen Shoes

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Having Jacob Cohen sneakers will give you the security of having a garment of refined taste. The manufacturing process is carried out thanks to a team of artisans who denote special care for details.

3. Meeting Slow:

It is a Trendy look, one of the best alternatives for busy days since you will always be well dressed, regardless of the place. Meeting slow, enjoy combining versatile elements.

Fashion Madrid - Yusty Store

The flower-printed shirt, Orian, in the light and blue tones of Spring Summer, will position you as an expert in good taste.

Orian is a brand that has long been a pioneering leader in men's fashion. Known for its original and always elegant shirts, from 1968 to today, it expresses its legacy with sublime prints and elitist textures, aspects that undoubtedly make this brand unique and special.
Orian - Orian shirt

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A light blazer from Canali will allow you to stay fresh throughout the day and be the spotlight both in daytime meetings and at the end of the afternoon.

Did you know that Canali was founded in 1934 as a family business dedicated to men's tailoring? And today with more than 180 own stores and a network of 1,000 distributor stores around the world, this brand of Italian origin has a history that combines effort, culture and a taste for men's fashion.

Canali is a Made in Italy brand , one of our customers' favorites, as it represents luxury and sophistication in each of its garments. In addition, we are proud to say that we are the only Canali Flagship Store in Spain. This company, run today by the third generation, follows current trends in men's fashion without forgetting its origins.
american canali

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We can see the perfect combination between the traditional and the current in her spectacular garments. In them, you can appreciate the wisdom of the great designers and craftsmen who make each Canali piece.

As if that were not enough, this look includes some Yusty Pants, a plain gray dress piece to give contrast and vitality to the look.
Yusty Men's Pants

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At Yusty Store we can proudly say that we have positioned ourselves as an elitist firm that little by little is giving rise to a meeting point for high society. With the most important brands of the moment in our windows, Yusty becomes the reference for men's fashion in Madrid.

Famous businessmen, aristocrats, the Royal House, most of the Heads of State, international singers, elite athletes, and a long etcetera have passed through our store.

The quality of our brand dates back to 1914, where fabrics have perhaps been the ones that have evolved the most; Prioritizing today the most comfortable and at the same time of the highest quality: wool and cashmeres.

As for the cuts, we know that customers are clear about what they want and on many occasions, they are the ones who set the trend, always under the expert hand of our Master Tailor Mario Zafra Duarte.
To add the final touch to the Meeting Slow look, we propose the Moncler New Monaco Sneakers with rubber sole and laces at the front. By wearing them you will relieve the pressure of the day and enjoy your moment of disconnection.
Moncler shoes or sneakers
We remind you that you can complement the 3 looks with any of the Barton Pereira glasses from our online store.

At Yusty Store we are committed to luxury and personalized attention. We know that you are the most important thing, so we hope you have enjoyed this small capsule of inspiration "3 Trendy Looks to enjoy summer 2021". All labeled products are available in the physical store and online.

Until a new reading - Yusty 1914