4 Prints in swimsuits for summer 2021

4 Estampados en bañadores para el verano 2021

4 Prints in swimsuits for summer 2021

As specialists in men's fashion and with the support of our clients, our goal is to provide the confidence and variety of garments you need for this summer 2021.
On this occasion, to welcome summer, we will talk about the prints that are in trend in swimsuits and what their prints symbolize. As we have said, we want our clients to bet on Yusty on all occasions and events, and bathing on the beach or in the pool is no less.
To help you go stylish and sophisticated at this time of year, we have made a selection of " the 4 best swimsuit prints for summer 2021 ".

1. Geometric Print Swimsuit:

Geometric prints are a trend, inspired by the origins of Pop Art from the 60s. This pattern creates amplitude on the figure, as well as transmitting dynamism and personality .
Fedeli , has been in charge of designing and applying this trend in their swimsuits . You will be able to find a wide variety of prints and colors that you can bet on for this summer , thus looking for a swimsuit that suits your style and personality.


Checkered swimsuit / Geometric swimsuit

2. Printed swimsuit (stars, flowers, palm trees, leaves…)

On the other hand, we have swimsuits with varied and very original prints. Flowers bring joy, vitality and freshness and, furthermore, they are always in fashion. White is the most sophisticated shade and, combined with sea blue, conveys elegance and authority .

yusty swimsuit

More than 80 years of Made in Italy craftsmanship characterize everything that is created at Canali . The savoir faire is evident in all the products, each one of them with a story to tell.

Elegant, adventurous and exclusive, this swimsuit is perfect for any occasion.

"For the man who asserts himself in his style choices even in moments of pure relaxation."

Another of the patterns that we suggest is that of stars. Inspiration comes from the universe and from the bottom of the sea. Fedeli is characterized by the innovation of its product and by the wide variety available so that all its customers can find what they are looking for.


Fedeli swimsuit with starfish

3. Plain swimsuit

Although swimsuits with various prints are very original and give the garment characteristics that are in keeping with the time in which they are worn, plain garments are a necessary basic in any wardrobe.

A plain swimsuit (to choose from the wide variety of colors that we offer) is a must to be able to combine it with any accessory or garment and they are the most suitable for when you do not want to choose.

plain swimsuits

 Fedeli swimsuit with logo patch

Ideally, if your body is thinner, bet on patterned shorts or with vertical stripes and, if it is wider, on solid color shorts with vertical stripes. These last two shades proposed, navy blue and bottle green , are colors that, like black, narrow the figure.
In keeping with traditional Italian craftsmanship , the Fedeli Madeira Logo Patch Boardshorts are a true summer staple and the perfect travel companion for a getaway.

4. Swimsuit with a printed photo

Through the art deco collection , Limitato launched these trendy swimsuits that stand out for their daring and unique style.
Riocam, creative director of Toys for boys magazine, through his love for fashion and photography, to support the new movement of Wearable Art , launched this unique collection that is a must for art lovers.
It consists of printing photographs of artists on the garments of the collection. Photographs are part of Western pop culture, full of strength and dynamism.

Hot dog swimsuit by Riocam de Limitato

All the swimsuits selected at Yusty have a thigh-length design, thus flattering any type of body. Each swimsuit has its own unique personality and conveys meaning through its print and color. Even so, they all share the sophistication and distinction of our brand.

Additionally, remember that you can complement any of these swimsuits with our t-shirts or polo shirts.

We want you to enjoy this season and accompany you to live every moment. Yusty Store is committed to luxury and personalized attention , which is why we hope you have enjoyed this small exhibition of prints ideal for summer 2021 .

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