Given the current situation that we are experiencing as a result of COVID-19, we feel the need to convey our deepest commitment to continue serving all our customers as we have done since our inception.

To do this, as of May 11, we will continue to provide our services, taking and complying with all the preventive security measures dictated in the Royal Decree of the Government of the Nation, so that all our workers as clients are protected against possible contagion.

What are we doing?

  1. Taking special hygienic measures: Thorough cleaning of all the rooms and objects in the store and increasing its frequency with the established protocols and products recommended by the Ministry of Health.
  2. Daily ventilation of the facilities to maintain the quality of the air we breathe. Avoiding overcrowding is essential to control the possible transmission of the virus.
  3. We have specialized companies that provide more efficiency to our daily cleaning with high-power disinfection treatments against the spread of the virus and its elimination, both indoors and on surfaces. These treatments are safe for people.
  4. Customer reception protocols: preparation, conditioning, safety distances and disinfection of the space and clothing before and after each visit.
  5. Appointment creation system: Book individual appointments for the shop and for tailoring. The spaces of both Canali and Yusty will be closed for a period of 1 hour max. to receive customers by appointment. In this way, individual, exclusive, personalized attention free of contagion risks will be guaranteed, complying with the security measures and distancing. We also offer home tailoring service.
  6. Private parking at C/Ayala 11.
  7. Covid-19 free space certificate.

Disinfection Certificate

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